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Doorman Buildings

Boston City Properties has listings in literally every single luxury doorman building in the Boston area. There are approximately 50 luxury doorman developments in the Boston area and the listings change daily. Click the "Search Sales" or "Search Rentals" for today's current availability list. This website is linked to the largest real estate database in Boston and is updated daily. The list will include not only our listings, but literally all of the other largest real estate brokerages also post listings to the system daily. For general information on each building, visit our Google Map of luxury condo developments.

Pricing for concierge doorman luxury buildings typically start around $2500 for a 1 bedroom apartment for rent, and $450,000 for a 1 bedroom condo sale.

The Many Benefits of Building Attendants

Living in a luxury development gives you many perks. You get a gorgeous apartment that may come with generous space, beautiful views, and high-end appliances. Amenities may include anything from a rooftop terrace to an indoor swimming pool. Luxury developments also typically offer an enhanced level of service in the form of doormen or building attendants.

In what ways can attendants make your life more comfortable, secure, and pleasant? There are a number of important benefits to consider.

Providing enhanced security

When you live in a development that has an attendant, one of the crucial benefits you enjoy is improved security. Without an attendant, it’s easier for people to slip through the main entrance. Even if there’s an outer lock, intruders can easily follow someone inside without getting buzzed through or using a key. Security cameras at the entrance may serve as a deterrent to crime, but they’re no substitute for having someone alert and capable monitor the premises.

An attendant will keep an eye on anyone who tries to gain access to the property and to your apartment. When people ask to visit you, the attendant will call you to confirm that you know them and are willing to let them up at that specific moment. The attendant will intercept unwanted visitors and even bar them from the property. You won’t have to personally engage in an unpleasant and potentially unsafe encounter. If you know in advance that an unwanted visitor may show up, you can prepare the attendant for the possibility. Attendants are trained to handle security incidents and contact the police when appropriate.

Attendants also develop the ability to distinguish between routine visitors and people who are unknown or don’t seem to have legitimate business on the premises. They can spot uncharacteristic or suspicious behaviors, including people loitering or waiting in a parked car for a long time outside the building. They’ll screen anyone who isn’t a resident and pay especially close attention to signs of a potential danger or disturbance. With security cameras, they can also monitor common areas throughout the development, including the parking garage, laundry facilities, and elevators.

Taking care of packages and important mail for you

Think about all the things you expect to receive by mail. Maybe you’re ordering an expensive electronic item, a fine piece of cookware, or some beautiful art to hang up next to your sofa. It’s possible that you’re anticipating a gift from a family member or friend, or you’re waiting for a special delivery connected to your work.

If you live on a property that doesn’t have an attendant, your mail is more likely to get lost or even stolen. Packages may be left for hours on a stoop or in a vestibule, and they’ll remain unattended. If the mailed item requires an authorized signature, you may experience difficulties receiving the delivery. The delays can inconvenience you and make more demands on your packed schedule.

Doormen or building attendants also help sort out problems with the mail. For example, when other residents receive an envelope that’s meant for you, they can drop it off with the attendant. Your mail will be kept secure and handed to you promptly. This level of service is especially important for tax forms, bank records, and other sensitive documents.

Directing workers to your apartment

You may want to perform some renovations on your apartment or have a new feature installed. Maybe there’s a problem that requires repairs from the building’s porters and maintenance staff or assistance from outside professionals. For example, technicians from your cable company may need access to your home, and they won’t be able to give you an exact time for their arrival.

An attendant can help you contact the property’s maintenance crew during emergencies and for scheduling less urgent repairs. You can also make arrangements with your attendant to direct workers from outside companies to your apartment. Even if you’re not at home, you can count on the work getting completed.

Watching over your property

There may be times when you have suitcases, shopping bags, backpacks, or other items that you’d like to temporarily keep in your lobby. For example, let’s say that you and your family are leaving for a vacation. Instead of needing to bring your suitcases down all at once and stay with them at all times, you can leave some of them in the lobby with the attendant. The attendant may stow them under a desk or counter or keep them in a closet until you return with the rest of your luggage.

On other occasions, you may want to temporarily leave your apartment keys or other small items with the attendant. Whether you’re running a quick errand, visiting another building in the neighborhood, or making a trip to the gym, you won’t need to carry everything with you.

Greeting and welcoming you

You’ve had a tiring day. Work or school has been stressful, and you’ve run errands around the city. Maybe there was a medical appointment that took a lot out of you physically and emotionally. There’s no shortage of circumstances that can wear you out or make you feel more alone.

Don’t underestimate the impact of having someone welcome you as you step into the lobby of your development. Even if it’s only a brief exchange of greetings, you can still benefit from those moments of pleasant interaction. It’s comforting to have at least one person around who knows your name and makes you feel welcome. On top of that, your attendant may be able to make life easier for you by helping you with various tasks.

Assisting you in a wide variety of ways

The role of doormen or attendants and what you can expect from them will vary from one real estate development to another. Some attendants have a more limited but still useful set of responsibilities. Others may act as part of a full-fledged concierge service that takes extraordinary measures to make your life more convenient and to give you a feeling of being pampered.

The following are a variety of tasks that attendants may take on as part of their normal duties:

Recognizing existing or potential problems

Because attendants watch over the property, they often quickly detect or learn about problems. They’re also trained in how to respond effectively.

Let’s say someone spills coffee in the lobby area or in one of the elevators. After witnessing it or hearing a report, the attendant will immediately take the necessary steps to get the mess cleaned up. Whether it’s spilled food or drinks, litter, or an accident made by a dog, you won’t have to encounter it on your way in or out of your apartment. Attendants are in close communication with maintenance staff.

Attendants also hear reports of widespread problems in the building, including internet outages, blackouts, and breakdowns in heating and air conditioning. They know who to contact for a given problem and can provide you with accurate updates about the situation.

Consider what will happen if you ever lock yourself out of your apartment. In properties with an attendant, you won’t have to suffer lengthy, stressful delays. Even if you lose your keys, your attendant will let you in and can help you arrange for a replacement.

Attendants also use their knowledge of residents’ daily routines to detect a potential problem. They notice when people typically leave for work, head downstairs to check the mail, or engage in other activities in the public areas of the property. If they observe an irregularity in routine, they may discreetly look into it. For example, if residents who are elderly, ill, or living with a disability haven’t left their apartment in a while or when expected, attendants may check in with them through a phone call or a knock on the door. High-quality attendants never use their knowledge of residents in unprofessional ways. Their assistance can be a particular comfort to people who live alone or need some extra care.

Adding to the status of your luxury property

Building attendants are a symbol of a more luxurious lifestyle. The presence of doormen or of concierge personnel is one of the indications that you’re living in a high-status development. They reflect the elevated level of service that you should expect, and they leave a strong positive impression on your guests.

What else do you need to know?

As you search for your home through listings of luxury developments, consider the benefits of having on-site attendants or concierge personnel. For a given property, make sure you understand the full scope of the attendants’ responsibilities and services and what the development’s policies permit them to do.

Check the times they’re working. In many properties, you’ll find attendants at the front desk round-the-clock. However, their responsibilities will probably be more limited in scope during certain hours.

Consider the courtesies expected of you as well. It’s customary for residents to give building attendants a gift during the holiday season and to tip them for certain tasks. If the property has a fully developed concierge desk, using it may cost extra for certain services; look into how any fees are structured. Luxury developments aren’t necessarily alike in the personnel they hire and services they offer, so make sure you understand the specifics for each property.

As you visit different properties, talk to the attendants. Develop an impression of their work. If possible, ask existing residents for opinions on the quality of service. Professional attendants should be discreet, prompt, and helpful. Luxury developments generally make efforts to hire personnel who meet their residents’ high expectations.

In ways you may not even anticipate, attendants can add a significant amount of convenience and comfort to your life. The enhanced security, the quick solutions to frustrating problems, and the assistance with various tasks make your life run more smoothly and pleasantly. Be sure to check out our extensive listings of luxury buildings that have attendants.

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